Our mission

At the beginning of the last century the following slogan has been appeared: "Car is not luxury, but vehicle". At that time not many people could buy a cars, the profession "driver" still was considered romantic and dangerous. However, not much time has passed, the safe and reliable cars were appeared, and now a trip on the car is available for everyone.

Presently not many people are able to buy the aircraft because of costs, need of airfields for storage and complexity of management. The profession "pilot" is still considered inaccessible and dangerous.

The Skyward-Moto company plans to destroy these stereotypes, to make the aircrafts same available, as the quality motorcycles. Our purpose is to create a line of hybrid aircrafts, which could ride on usual roads as motorcycles, be stored in garages or on parkings and to be simple, reliable and not expensive in operation.

We fight against stereotypes, traffic congestions and distances, doing people more courageous, free and happy!

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